Friday, September 29, 2006

I.F. Quiet

I’ve been occupied as of late. It’s nice not to think so much and just draw. This is something I did today. I went to the art store and talked to some old friends, and got to play with some new stuff they had. Plus I should have a photo shoot tonight, so it should be a productive day.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Some Drawings...

I went up to Orlando a couple of days ago and surprised my little sister for her birthday. It was really a great time and I was able to sit down after the party and draw a little.
With all this hoopla on stingrays, it managed to leak into my book. I use to see them all the time hiding in the sand during my many visits to the Keys. It’s a real wonder that I’ve never stepped on one.

There’s a phobia in here…somewhere.

The girl with the white hair is my sister… No she doesn’t have white hair. I just carry whiteout with me everywhere I go.

HA! The only time anyone actually stays still for me is when they're asleep... This is my cousin and her boyfriend asleep on the couch.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Old Sketchbook

About 7 months ago I started to draw again.

These are pages from my first sketchbook after a year and a half hiatus from drawing and painting. My lines were somewhat clumsy because of this absence, but I am as much attached to these drawings as I am with anything else I have ever done. Rilke once wrote, “A work of art is good if it has arisen out of necessity”. Although my ego does not carry me far enough to claim this is good art; its creation was without a doubt the essence of inevitability. This book is a Japanese style bound Moleskin that Yvonne and I share. Within it are stories and images about our lives intertwined.

// My sincere apologies to the "medicine man” for my inability to adhere to his advice. I enjoy my walks in the rain too much to surrender it for any extended period of time :) //

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Uri Geller is a funny guy...

It seems there is a video of me in youtube. It was taken by friends of mine about a year ago during one of my visits. I'm the person with the coin :)