Saturday, October 21, 2006

Movie stills

These are stills from a 3-minute film Yvonne created for school. It was a little weird being filmed as I painted, especially since I have not truly painted in so long (some watercolors here and there). But it was definitely great to get back on the horse. Oh, how I really missed the smell of oils…

I am usually a studio painter, but because of the time restraint, I painted this Ala-Prima (wet paint into went paint). As the pictures suggests, I am a pretty messy painter. I’ve been known to use my forearm as my palette and sometimes chew on my brushes.


Kristina said...

I want to see the video Yvonne made!

I'm glad you posted again.

Oh, I'm going up to see the family on Friday 7 saturday if you wanna join me. We can finally go see the show!?!? Yes, No, Maybe?

Call me up.


suzanne said...

Wow, I can tell from the stills that the painting is amazing! You have got some mad skills!

Any chance of Yvonne's video making it to the web?

an9ie said...

Yay! Dexy's back in town! Intriguing looking stills. Does Yvonne have any plans to put them on You Tube? :)

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

I'm impressed...... this is going to be awesome.... I want more.

Felicity said...

I'd love to see that painting, looks wonderful. The photos give a really nice impression of how you work.

luisa brehm said...

i would love to see too, Dex,
because this is just great !!!
Hugs and kisses ;-))))

an9ie said...

Hey-ho Dex,

If Yvonne needs more time to reshoot, then by all means - I'm sure it will be a better product for all of that. And if we get to see it we'll feel very privileged indeed :)

I do like Exclusively Food but hope it's not too much of a pain for you to translate the measurements into US-speak!

Epicurious looks good too - I haven't made anything from there yet but I have heard people say that they always have good luck with epicurious recipes!

See ya,

Rico said...

Chewing on one's brushed is a prerequisite to agood painting experience ;-)