Saturday, January 20, 2007


I got to visit and spend time with my family these past holidays. I witnessed a wedding, got jumped by a bunch of 9 year olds, got some stuff published in Look-look Magazine, ate tons of Pilipino food, sang karaoke for the first time (Freddie Mercury’s "Bohemian Rhapsody" if you have to know…), learned a new magic trick and took a mini-trip to NY city with Yvonne.

I was the designated photographer for my aunt and uncle's wedding. I shot with a 28-200 mm, Nikon D200 with an SB-800.

My family consists of 90% girls. WTF? :)

Yvonne and her new toy. She volunteered to film the event. It was really great of her. She took about 8 hours of footage. Do you know...what it's like...editing 8 hours...of footage?

It’s a Philippine tradition to stab paper money to the bride and groom as they dance. I didn’t know this. But I didn't have any cash so I contemplated pinning my credit card on them, but my aunt beat me to it.

Check out my feet:) I was in such a rush I forgot my shoes in the hotel room. I think that was the Asian island boy in me trying to come out. Hey, I gotta have my chankletas. And umm..that's not really my head...

My family and friends...


Your Sister, duh. said...

Hey, hey, hey... I'm not a 9 year old, ok? And neither was Jason.

So, hah.

But anyways... The pics turned out beautiful and I can't wait to see the video!

And seriously, you need to spend the holidays with us more. This holiday was weird... But overall, it kicked ass cause I got to wrestle with you again. =P

Pia said...

Glad to see your site up and running again. Will you post the work you did for Look-look? (I checked out their website and couldn't find it.)

Great pictures by the way. But, more art!

an9ie said...

Holy crap, dex is up and running again! Good to see you're still alive, dude :) BTW, I have been checking out James Jean's stuff and I can certainly see where your influences come from!

Do we get to see the stuff that was published in Look-look magazine?

luisa brehm said...

this is soooooooo cool, Dex !!!
thanks for sharing ....
i was trying big size to see your face ;-))))))

y_sabi said...

Looks like you had a great time. I'm happy 4u and Yvonne.

Felicity said...

Ah, now I see how life has been kicking you in the butt but it doesn't look painful!!